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Biological materials are transported within countries and across borders for a variety of different reasons. National and international regulators publish shipping regulations to facilitate safe transportation of these materials by both air and ground. Shippers are required to comply with the regulations regarding packaging and shipping to preserve the integrity of materials and facilitate timely arrival at their destination while, at the same time, keeping people and the environment safe.

This ecourse is designed to accompany your new employee experience.   We hope the presentations and activities found here will enrich your understanding of Michigan Blood.  We are excited to have you on our team.

This course satisfies compliance requirements for handling of regulated medical waste by  our employees.  If you handle regulated medical waste in any way, you must successfully complete this course.

This course serves two purposes.  First, to meet QA compliance to train in your department and second, to prepare you for part 2 of the Train-the-Trainer program, the Live Course.

This course designed to meet compliance requirements issued by the FDA in relation to good methods, facilities, and control in the manufacturing of tissue products.

This course satisfies compliance requirements for ladder use by our employees.  If you will be using a ladder at Michigan Blood you must successfully complete this course.

This online course is meant to be an introduction to giving presentations.  Upon completion of this course you will understand the different sections of a presentation and how to deliver them effectively.  This course is also designed to be step 1 in putting together your first presentation.